Fort Collins MARIMBA

The Music: Interlocking, polyrhythmic melodies creating high-spirited, percussive music influenced by the traditional Shona-style sounds of Zimbabwe, Africa.

The Instruments: The marimba is a large xylophone-type instrument with broader and lower tonal range and resonators. The baritone and bass marimba are so large that musicians play them from elevated platforms. Traditionally using a set of seven marimbas as in Zimbabwe, Fort Collins MARIMBA also creates arrangements with three to four instruments for street performances and smaller venues.

The Playerfort-collins-marimba-bennett-elementary-2011s: Students of marimba music playing together on these instruments are grade schoolers to adults — often times family members – who cooperatively interlock parts to create complex sounds, rhythms and pieces. When performing publicly, brightly clad in African Dashikis, multigenerational musicians create a truly unique experience enjoyable to audiences of all ages.